26 Mar, 2021

Get Information About Delta Airlines Change Name on Ticket:

Delta airlines always provide flexible rules and policies to their passengers. If you have booked your flight ticket Delta airlines and by mistake, you have filled in the wrong letter of the name. It happens so many times by the passengers and it can be Rectified through simple steps. Here you can learn How to change the name of the Delta airline ticket using phone, online or offline? Just follow the below-presented steps.

How to change the name of the Delta airline ticket?

There are various ways for the name correction but before starting the name change correction process on Delta airlines flight tickets, you have to follow the correct rules. Passengers are allowed to change their name 24 hours before the original departure time and the travelers are permitted to change their first & last name on the booked reservation. Just follow the below-given instruction for the name correction by online, phone & offline:

Delta Airline's name correction Online:

You can find here information about Delta Airline's name correction Online, just follow the steps below: 

  • Just, open any web browser and visit the Delta airlines official website.
  • Then, click on the ‘Log-in’ button and enter your credentials.
  • After then, hit on the ‘My Trip’ section.
  • Enter the confirmation Number’ or ‘Ticket Number’ & ‘First & Last Name’ in the text field. (Write current booking name)
  • Tap on the ‘Arrow’ button & you will automatically redirect to the booking page.
  • Find your reservation and tap on the ‘Edit’ section.
  • Correct your name & go to the payment option.
  • Make the payment via a suitable payment mode. (If it is required)
  • Now you are done!

Delta Airlines name correction on the airport:

You can find here information about Delta Airlines name correction on the airport, just follow the steps below: 

  • This is also the convenient & face to face process where the passenger needs to visit the airport.
  • Then, find Delta airlines an official counter and fill the name correct/change application form.
  • Submit the form & identity proof to the travel executive and pay the name correction fees. (if it is applicable)
  • Therefore, users can easily complete the Delta Airlines name correction on the airport but the delta airlines name change policy will apply.

Delta Airline's name correction by phone call:

This is a very convenient & easy way to for the name correction under the Delta airlines flight ticket where passengers need to call the travel representative of the Delta airlines and share the correct document with identity proof.

Passengers will get assistance and the helpline number is available 24X7 so travelers can call anytime from all over the globe.

Delta Airlines name correction fees/charges:

The name changes or correction fees between 75 dollars to 500 dollars and also depends on the distance, ticket type, duration, date, and many more factors so, before the name change process, passengers must read the complete name change policy of delta airlines.

How to change or cancel your Delta flight?

Due to some personal reason, if you need to cancel or change your booking so it can possible by delta airlines but delta airlines allowed to cancel or change their booking before 7 days or 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight time.

How to cancel your Delta flight?

  • Firstly, go to the official website of Delta airlines using any web browser.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Need Help’ & ‘Cancel Help’ option.
  • Scroll down and click on the ‘Go to My Trip’ button.
  • After then, enter the ‘Ticket Number’ or ‘Confirmation Number’ and ‘First & Last name' of the passenger.
  • Tap on the ‘Find My Trip’ & select the booking.
  • Press the ‘Cancel’ button & your reservation will cancel.
  • That’s it.
  • How to change your Delta flight?
  • First of all, again visit the Delta airlines official website.
  • Then, tap on the ‘My Trip’ & enter the ‘Ticket Number’ & ‘Full Name’ of the travellers.
  • Click on the ‘Change’ button and find your flight as per the choice.
  • Pay the difference amount.
  • Now you are done!

How to change name on a Delta Airline ticket FAQ

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