14 Sep, 2021

Southwest Airlines Change Name, Date and Flight Ticket Policy

Due to any personal or professional reason, if your upcoming trip has been postponed or extend so don’t worry, because Southwest airlines give opportunities to change your flight anytime from anywhere but, you have to follow Southwest airlines flight change policy. To get the complete information about the flight change name, date, fees & method. Just follow the below-presented steps.

What is southwest airlines change a flight?

After booking or before departure of the flight, if any traveller wants to reschedule or change their flight ticket so it can be possible with few steps. But the southwest airlines flight change policy will apply as per the class, duration, distance, or other.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy for Wanna Get Away Tickets:

Southwest airlines always try to offer the lowest price fare to their travellers. As per the southwest flight change policy, Wanna Get Away ticket holders can change their flight 10 minutes before the actual scheduled departure without any change charge or penalty. If the ticket fare is less than the original ticket so it will automatically convert into the travel fund which the traveller can use within 1 year from the date of booking.

How to Change Your Southwest Airlines Flight?

If you want to reschedule or change your flight ticket so there is a separate section for the change/cancel on the official website of southwest airlines. Let's see the complete procedure.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of southwest airlines using any desired web browser.
  • Then, tap on the 'Change/Cancel' button.
  • Enter the 'Confirmation Number' & 'First & Last Name' of the traveller.
  • Check the box on the 'Change flight' radio button.
  • After then, click on the 'Search' button.
  • Select your booking and tap on the 'Reschedule/Change' option.
  • Choose your flight as per the duration, time, class, or other.
  • Next, select the suitable payment option and make the final payment. (If it is required there).

What are Southwest’s Flight Change Fees?

Lots of travellers are confused with change flight fees. For your kind information, there is no cost to change a flight on Southwest Airlines. But flight change fares can be different. If you are changing flight and your original fare is greater than the selected flight so rest of the amount will transfer on future travel and you can use it for the next booking.

How to Change name On Southwest’s Flight ?

  • As per the Southwest Flight Change name policy, travellers don't allow to change their name and they can only change their last name.
  • In case, if you have entered an incorrect name so you can change your flight 24 hours from the booking and collect the full refund amount without any additional charges.
  • Travellers are permitted to change the name when they submit legal documents such as marriage certificate or other to the concerned authority.
  • In case, any traveller wants to acquire the latest update on the name change rule so just dial the helpline number and get the complete information with a highly talented and experienced travel executive.
  • For the legal name change, travellers will not get any additional charges for the name correction.
  • If the passenger is traveling under the group travel then, there might be chances to correct their name.
  • For the incorrect name can cancel their ticket with no refund amount and the name must match the government id or passport name.

What are Southwest’s Flight Change dates?

Due to any personal or professional reason, if your trip has been postponed or extended to another date but, you have booked flight ticket so should not worry, because southwest airlines offer the flexible rules & policy where traveller can easily change their date. Just follow the below instructions.

  • Travellers are allowed to change their flight date with some restrictions.
  • If the passengers change their flight date within 24 hours of the booking then, they will pay any additional date change fees.
  • If the traveller changes their date after 24 hours from the booking then, they have to pay 50 to 100 dollars for the domestic flight date reschedule and 150 to 200 dollars for the international flight date change per traveler.

Travellers can directly change their flight date change from the delta airlines website or making a call to the delta airlines reservation number which is available 24X7 with a toll-free number facility.

Southwest Airlines Change Flight Ticket Name & Date Policy FAQ

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