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Spirit Airlines online check in

Spirit airlines is a renowned airline of the USA, it is mainly in low airfare dealings. If you are in search of how to contact them for check-in details, boarding pass, offers given to passengers, group travelling then there are many ways to get your information like mobile app, airport check in , kiosks but among all web check-in is a hassle free service and one of the first opted services by customers to check-in or take out print out for boarding pass. Check in usually starts 24 hours before the departure and lasts one hour prior to the departing flight. It is even the best time to save your time and money to add extra baggage or seat related issues. And it is as well preferable to take the print out from home as it is to spend your time at the airport and even paying extra money for it.

Spirit Airlines check-in methods

Spirit Airlines allows you to check in:

  • Through the website
  • Through the mobile application
  • At the airport check-in kiosk
  • at the airport counter

Let’s see how the check-in through website follows

  • First go to its official website ie www.spirit.com
  • Fill in the information in the given columns.
  • Your last name , 6 character confirmation code which you would have received through a confirmation email.
  • Please note that if you are travelling internationally then you need to provide your passport details too.
  • Now click on check-in Button.
  • Now can have access to your boarding pass, which you can download and have a printout of it prior to your departure
  • itinerary.
  • Purchase baggage which are much cheaper than at the airport.
  • Seat assignment.
  • If you are checking in online then you need to follow the signs to the Fast Bag Drop region to drop off your bags and continue for your security check.
  • At airport you must check in 45 minutes before domestic flights and 1 hour before the departure of international flight.
  • You must be ready with your boarding pass at airport and checked in your luggage prior to these provided timings of boarding.

Benefits of check-in online with Spirit airlines

  • You can print your boarding pass prior to check in as it will save your time and money at airport.
  • You can even download the boarding pass and save in your mobile phone to save time.
  • Buying extra bags can also be cheaper than at airport as well save time prior to check in.

Spirit airlines Check in online services are not available

  • Due to low server or glitches you are unable to complete your online check -in then, They will provide a waiver of 10 usd for not being able to get the printout of boarding pass.
  • When your are non US resident availing an international flight.
  • If you are issues military Id beside your passport.
  • If you have a choice to travel with a pet or a service animal.

Online service is not available, If travelling in group of 10 or more passengers

  • If you carting a lap baby
  • If you have added extra seat or special items
  • If you have booked extra services

Spirit airlines airport counter Check-in

  • You need to carry your travel papers, your ticket and your luggage.
  • You need to check in at airport 3 hours 45 minutes prior to your domestic flight.
  • And 4 hours before the departure of the international flight.
  • Printing each boarding pass at airport will cost 10 usd.
  • You need to get your luggage tagged and to go through security checks.
  • You need to access boarding gate 15 minutes prior for domestic flight.
  • And 30 minutes before the international flights.

Spirit Airlines Kiosks services

This self-service is available at selective airports. It in touch screen where you can
check in for your flight.

  • Get the printout of your boarding pass which costs 2 Usd for each pass.
  • You can view your itinerary.
  • Change or upgrade seat.
  • Add baggage.
  • After this you can check in your bags at bag drop counter.

In case you need to directly talk to in person you can have Contact no of spirit airline +1-888-588-2434


Spirit Airlines Online Check-In Process, Time & Fee FAQ

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