Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Southwest Airlines Flight? Any southwest flight can be cancelled or any other changes about the travel can be made with the help of southwest’s official app and also handled with website.

The southwest airlines flight cancellation policy is designed to ensure the best for their customers. There is no policy called the “Southwest Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation” because flights can be cancelled even 10 minutes prior to the traveling times.

Important highlights from the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy are:

  • There is no Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee
    No changes fee.
  • The flights or other changes can be made with the help of
  • Southwest Airlines Refund policy also provide you with travel funds.
  • You can visit the Refunds help centre for more details on Southwest Airlines Refund policy.

Southwest Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation for non -refundable reservations 

Southwest Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation for non -refundable reservations can also be done with the southwest app or handled through the website.

How late can you cancel a Southwest flight? If the customer is no longer wishing to avail of the flight or make any changes about their destinies or flight, they must inform the airline about their reservation at least 10 mins prior to their scheduled departure timings of the flight.

They can inform the authorities or directly cancel the flight using the southwest app or its website. On facing any issues regarding the refunding they can write to the refunds departments. any refunds requests sent in written formats must have an unused ticket of the customer enclosed with the payment proofs.

Southwest Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation

There are no Southwest Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation.

When a customer cancels a flight the payment returned is either reusable or refundable. When a flight with non-refundable fare the refund is done in the form of “travel funds” which can be tracked through the app or the website and can also be seen by logging onto your Rapid rewards accounts.

So, Southwest Airlines Cancel Flight Reservation also provides travels funds that can also be used to fund future travels up to one year from the original date of ticket purchase. Travels bookings done with these travel funds must be done before the timeline expire. But the funds can only be used when the tickets are cancelled under the no-show policy which clearly states that the reservation must be cancelled at least 10 mins before the flight's departure time.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Update For Coronavirus 

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Update For Coronavirus also include the no-show policy which states that the funds are reusable until the cancellation of the ticket gets delayed more than 10 mins before the departure of the flight.

Southwest Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation

Any Southwest Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation that is not processed is only in the case o violation of the no-show policy. Southwest’s uniqueness is derived from this method only. All travel bookings are refunded or converted into reusable funds to benefit the customer.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Update For Coronavirus has also made it very clear that the refunds are processed according to the pre-existing guidelines and hence converted into proper refunds or travel funds that can be used within the time period of one year from the actual date of departure on the flight tickets.

No cancellation charges and no changing charges are what make important highlights from the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy so handy for customers. Southwest Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation is the hundred percent of the actual fare used to purchase the ticket. And if there is a delay in the refunding or processing of the travel funds the customer can always write to the authorities of the southwest airlines (an unused copy of the ticket must be attached with the written document sent to the authorities) and the problems will be attended. They can also check their rapid rewards sections or search for unused travel funds on the southwest website or official app. One can visit the refunds help center for any other query about the Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee, Southwest Airlines Cancellation Update for Coronavirus or Southwest Airlines Refund policy. One can also visit the official website for queries based on Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation or any other information.


Southwest Airlines cancellation policy | Cancel Flight Ticket FAQ

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